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August 2022

See what has been happening in Asia’s plastics & rubber industries over the last weeks. What are experts and industry magazines talking about?

What has been happening?

New Method for Multi-Material Packaging, Silk as greener option to microplastics, PET-like bioplastic from biomass, and more. Find out what plastic & rubber journals and industry experts have been discussing in the last four weeks.

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New Method for Multi-Material Packaging
Plastics Technology

Composite packaging, manufactured by laminating dissimilar materials together, provides mechanical and barrier properties that would be difficult to achieve with a single material. However, separating the various layers presents a special challenge to recyclers. Even when successful, such efforts can be unsustainable because of the chemicals needed for the delamination process.

Science turns to silk as greener option to microplastics
Free Malaysia Today

Whether in our cosmetics, in our clothes or on our plates, microplastics are everywhere. In response to this growing pollution problem, American scientists from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have come up with an alternative that is surprisingly sourced from silkworms.

PET-Like Bioplastic from Biomass
Plastics Technology

We have been reporting on bioplastics derived from a variety of natural sources as contenders particularly for the five major commodity thermoplastics—PE, PP, PS, PVC, and PET.

Tips for Buying a New — or Not so New — Extrusion Line

Replacing your old extrusion line with a brand new one could improve your bottom line. But there are no guarantees, and you do have other options.

How to Avoid Costly Mistakes in Injection Molding

Keeping moldability front of mind from the outset of an injection molding project can save thousands of dollars.

Re-framing the future of food-grade polypropylene
InterPlas Insights

Professor Edward Kosior, CEO and Founder of Nextek and NEXTLOOPP, shares his expertise on innovation in plastics and recycling for the food packaging sector.

Active Packaging Made Using Cheese Whey

Project to recover and coat whey onto plastic film for packaging cheese provides antimicrobial properties to extend shelf life 25 to 50%.

Still an Up-and-Down Picture for Commodity Resin Prices
Plastics Technology

Once again, prices of the five major commodity resins are a mixed bag. Both PE and PP prices are on a downward trend, due to slowed demand and higher supplier inventories, with PVC in a somewhat similar situation, due to supplier inventory buildup yet relatively steadier demand. But sharply rising feedstock costs for both PS and PET are resulting in unprecedented price increases, though demand for the former is dismal compared with the latter.

Compatibilizers Aid Recycling & Upcycling of Mixed Resins
Plastics Technology

With plastics recycling now a global growth market, compatibilizing resins and additives are increasingly being used to address challenges in using mixed resins for applications ranging from packaging and consumer goods to construction, agriculture and automotive.

Industry-First UV-C Stabilization Technology Developed for Polyolefins

The proprietary technology from Solvay protects polyolefins disinfected via UV-C irradiation from degradation.

Yokohama Rubber develops rubber compound design system utilizing AI generation
Tire Technology International

Application has begun of a proprietary rubber compound design system that utilizes AI-based compound generation technology. The new system was developed by Yokohama with the cooperation of Hamagomu Aicom, a Yokohama Rubber subsidiary specializing in information system development. The new system’s use of AI to propose a compound with targeted rubber physical property values enables investigation of compounds which humans may not have conceived independently.

Bridgestone invests further in Southeast Asia natural rubber plantations
Tire Technology International

Manufacturer Bridgestone has approved plans to strengthen investments in its natural rubber plantations in Southeast Asia. The tire maker plans to invest US$26.7m by 2030 to ensure a sustainable supply of natural rubber for tire production. The company is also seeking to strengthen initiatives to contribute to circular economies and carbon neutrality across the entire value chain through the sustainable operation of its natural rubber plantations.

Myanmar exports 2,900 tonnes of rubber during July’s second week
Global New Light Of Myanmar

Myanmar exported 2,900 tonnes of rubber via sea and border trade routes in the second week of July.

New law introduces concept of circular economy to address plastic packaging waste
Manila Bulletin

In a day, how many times does an average consumer use a product that comes from a sachet or a plastic wrapper? Food, beverage, cookies, cooking ingredients, shampoo, liquid soap come in sachets. Numerous personal items are packaged in plastic –razor, hair brush, cosmetics, hygiene care products, towels, socks. Plus candies and fruits too. The list is long.

Take-away food packaging makes up most plastic waste in Vietnam

Garbage from take-away food and drinks make up 44 percent of plastic waste found at surveyed sites in Vietnam, according to the World Bank.

Thailand’s innovation – ‘Magik Growth Bag’ to boost durian production and exports
Pattaya Mail

‘Magik Growth Bag’ or a nonwoven durian wrapping bag is a research innovation developed by The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) to prevent pests and solve farmers’ use of chemical pesticides.

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