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We are a solution provider for various plastics industries from upstream to downstream, all across South East Asia. We bring added value to our customers and work closely with our international technology partners to ensure excellent results.


Learn more about our product solutions. We source exclusively from reliable international technology partners who are world-class innovators in the plastics sector.


See which industry segments we support and how we can help businesses overcome common challenges. Our expertise and solutions are at your disposal.


Find out what is happening in Asia’s plastics and rubber industries. Learn more about the latest trends. See how new approaches and innovative products can help your business.

A Modern Approach to Plastics Industries

Our team at Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients focuses on the distribution of specialty ingredients for plastics industries. We serve as a one-stop-shop for our customers and provide added value to their processes and products.

Our team works closely with international technology providers from all over the globe. We serve as their extended hand to South East Asia, helping them explore local markets, serve customers and solve industry challenges.

Our sales team consists of experienced technical experts who know the industries well. Their knowledge helps you find the right technical solutions and products for the right applications.

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Our Plastics Products

Our team has a solid range of specialised products available for plastics industries. Take a look at the different product types and see how they can help your business grow.

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Our anti-microbial additives guarantee fast and effective antimicrobial protection. The effect lasts for the lifetime of the product. Our Anti-microbials help keep surfaces clean and hygienic and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

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Resins and plastics materials are intrinsically insulating materials. However, there is an increasing demand for materials with conductive and/or antistatic characteristics. These features are sought both for production and protection purposes. Our anti-static products are found in many application areas, such as safety footwear, flooring, rolls, caster wheels, conveyor belts, handrails, gloves, and more. Our antistatic additives provide the necessary conductivity to host materials. This allows the products to release static electricity effectively and in a controlled way. This results in fewer problems caused by static electricity and uncontrolled electrostatic discharges.

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Black Pigments

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We offer a broad range of Carbon Blacks which include high-performance Specialty Gas Blacks, Furnace Blacks, Lamp Blacks, Acetylene Blacks and Thermal Blacks. Our black pigments are used for tinting applications, colour, as well as performance enhancement of polymers and plastics.

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Our team offers a broad range of flame retardant additives for plastics industries.

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Foaming Agents

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Our foaming agents are used in thermoplastics processes. They help reduce weight and machine energy. They are also used as nucleators in low-density processes. Our products improve cell structure, cell size and bubble stability while reducing overall costs.

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Organic Pigments

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Our team offers a full range of organic pigments from classic to high-performance materials.

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Plastic Resin

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Our team offers various thermoplastic resins, such as PMMA, Nylon compounds and other engineering plastic compounds, including TPE compounds.

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Processing Additives

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All of our plastic additives are extensively tested to provide maximum product quality and performance consistency. Our international technology partners continually invest in extensive plastic additives research and development. This leads to a reduction in the total number of additives required for many compounds. Our team brings the benefits of this persistent research to customers across Asia, helping to change and improve the processing and performance characteristics of compounds and resins.

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PU Foaming Agents

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Our team offers 3rd generation foaming agents for PU industries. These are interesting alternative solutions to phased out HCFC. Our products are already widely used as foam blowing agents for polyurethane productions and as solvents in precision cleaning industries.

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PVC Stabilisers

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Stabilisers are necessary in PVC productions to provide improved productivity and enhanced resistance to light. They also help increase PVC resistance to weathering and heat ageing, making end-products more durable and preserving their appearance. Our flexible solutions account for various factors, including technical requirements, regulatory approval and costs.

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Silica Anti-Blocking

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Our anti-blocking silicas are a unique product with a small particle size of 4-6 microns. They enable customers to achieve excellent anti-blocking properties without impacting clarity. Our anti-blocking silicas are also suitable for transparent film.

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White Pigments

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Our titanium dioxide pigments (TiO2) are designed as primary white pigments for whiteness, brightness and opacity. Our team offers a wide range of white pigments and can recommend the right grade to fit even the most specific industry requirements.

Our Plastics Industry Specialisations

Our industry experts across the region have experience with many specialised plastic segments. Our team works on both upstream and downstream applications.

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PVC Industries (Rigid & Flexible)

Rigid PVC: Our technical experts work closely with PVC profile shapes, which are commonly used for outdoor applications. Weather resistance is a critical requirement. So is a good appearance of finished products. Our team offers a wide range of solutions for Rigid PVC manufacturers, including our titanium dioxide pigments, which have been the benchmark in PVC profiles for more than 40 years.

Flexible PVC: Adding our plasticisers to PVC can make it softer and more flexible. This allows applications in plumbing, electrical cable insulation, imitation leather, flooring, and many applications where it replaces rubber. Our extensive portfolio can help formulators and PVC compounders to achieve their desired properties and designs.

rigid PU foam boards

PU Industries (Rigid & Flexible)

PU industries is a growing segment with broad applications. We are working with formulators as well as the applicators to achieve the desired final properties required. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our catalysts, surfactant and additives.

Polyurethanes are used in a variety of applications, including foam seating, foam insulation, spray foam, foam seals and gaskets, wheels and tires, automotive suspension bushings, electrical potting compounds, adhesives, surface coatings and sealants, synthetic fibres, carpet underlay, hard plastic parts, condoms and hoses.

colourful masterbatch compounds

Masterbatch & Compounder

Masterbatch is a concentrated mixture of pigments and/or additives encapsulated during a heat process into a carrier resin. It is then cooled and cut into a granular shape. Our wide range of products can help producers design and develop new products, tailored to suit their customers’ requirements. 

Compounding is the creation of a particular product to fit the unique need of a customer. To do this, compounding formulators combine or process appropriate ingredients using various tools. We can offer advice and product support throughout the entire production chain, allowing clients to create better products.


wood plastic composite

Wood Plastic Composite

Our smart additive solutions are ideal for wood plastic composite. They improve overall processing characteristics of wood flour and natural fiber-filled compounds, through unique lubricating and filler wetting mechanisms. With our solutions it is possible to improve both productivity as well mechanical properties.

rigid plastic packaging

Packaging (Rigid & Flexible)

Our teams are highly experienced in providing solutions for flexible and rigid packaging industries. Our products help manufacturers produce lighter products while lowering overall costs. This allows producers to stay competitive in their market segment. Our adhesive resins are used as tie layers in multilayer co-extrusion applications such as sheets, bottles, films, pipes, tubes, fuel tanks and special technical applications.

plastic kitchen appliances

Consumer, Home & Office Appliances

Plastic and polymers are used all around us in our daily lives. Safety, visual appeal, comfortable touch & feel, and many other characteristics depend on high-quality ingredient solutions. Our experienced team has both the knowledge and portfolio to support manufacturers in creating better products.

construction workers on site in sunset

Construction & Infrastructure

Construction and infrastructure sectors rely heavily on plastic construction materials. Our extensive solutions help producers meet the right requirements.

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Electronics & Electric

Plastic parts in electronic and electric market applications usually come with a range of special requirements. Our team provides a broad range of product solutions to fit requirements, such as UL-listed materials.

car interior cockpit

Automotive & Industrial

A key trend in the automotive and industrial industries is the replacement of metal through plastic. Successful replacements rely on the right stiffness and heat resistance of plastic products. Our experienced team can advise and support producers to achieve better product performance.

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Sports Equipment

Exercising plays a vital role in our daily lives, helping us stay physically fit and healthy. Our wide range of high-performance polymer solutions help to create premium sports equipment that is attractive and reliable.

Solving Challenges for Plastics Industries

Creating modern plastics products is an advanced process with numerous challenges and potential pitfalls. Our teams are here to evaluate and advise. Take a look at common industry challenges and see how we approach these issues and help customers overcome them.

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Replacing Single-Use Plastics

Communities all over the world are requesting reductions, restrictions and bans of single-use plastic. Many of the single-use plastic products in our daily lives could be replaced with reusable parts. Our experienced team can provide solutions for products, such as tumblers (reusable coffee cups) or lifetime shopping bags. Our antimicrobial additives technology helps producers inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria in multi-use plastics.

Heat-resistant Metal Replacement

When replacing metal parts with plastic components, it is often difficult to deal with heat. Our portfolio includes engineered plastic with very high stiffness, providing the same strength as metal and withstanding up to 300 degrees Celcius.

SVHC Compliance

Our team can help producers to maintain compliance with SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern). Our portfolio includes alternative friendly materials that perform well and comply with regulations at the same time.

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