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Learn more about our product solutions. We source exclusively from reliable international technology partners who are world-class innovators in the rubber sector.


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A Modern Approach to Rubber Industries

Our Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients – Rubber Business has been actively involved in the industry for decades. Our team is currently represented in nine countries across Asia and works with many of the world-leading industry players.

Our approach is and always has been to solve rubber industry challenges by working closely with our clients and partners, listening to their requirements and creating tailored solutions together with them. Every project is unique and our teams are there every step of the way, to support customers with product development, reformulations and tenders.

Take a closer look at how we support rubber industries across Asia – we’re always keen to hear from you and see how we can work together.


Our Rubber Products

Our team has a solid range of specialised products available for rubber industries. Take a look at the different product types and see how they can help your business grow.

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Antifoam & Dewebbing

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Our antifoam agents help to prevent or destroy foam formations. Our dewebbing agents are used to hinder the unwanted formation of membranes between adjacent parts of a drip former once the mould has been removed from the latex (e.g. in latex glove productions).

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Our team provides high-performance antioxidants that help to protect rubber products against the effects of oxygen exposure. We also provide antioxidants specifically designed for latex applications.

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Our antiozonants are chemicals and/or waxes that “bleed” to the surface of a rubber article, protecting it against ozone (O3) damage.

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Anti-Tacking Agents

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Anti-tacking agents create a layer between rubber products to avoid sticking together, especially in tyre applications. Due to its application in batch-off equipment, it is usually called batch-off powder or batch-off release agent.

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Conductive Blacks

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Our conductive carbon blacks are often used to improve electrical conductivity and electromagnetic or thermo-conductive characteristics of rubber materials.

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Coupling agents

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Our coupling agents have a wide range of benefits, such as improved abrasion resistance, higher compound modulus, lower hysteresis, improved compression set, as well as improved rolling resistance.

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Crosslinking agents

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Our crosslinking agents can help to improve a variety of characteristics in rubber goods, such as thermal resistance, heat ageing, low-temperature impact, tensile strength, modulus, abrasion resistance, creep resistance, chemical resistance, stress crack resistance, heat distortion, and hot set behaviour.

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Our homogenisers help to improve the homogeneity of elastomers of different polarity and viscosity. They also reduce mill bagging behaviour, extrusion rates are increased without increasing die swell, and calendering properties are improved. Our homogenisers also increases the green tack of many compounds.

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Our team provides a wide range of lubricants for a variety of applications. Our lubricants can help to significantly improve the flow characteristics and process behaviour of compounds during extruding, calendaring, moulding, etc. They can also reduce viscosity, promote dispersion, shorten mixing times and lower mixing temperatures and energy requirements. Also, our lubricants can improve mould removal by reducing the tackiness of the cured compound, while maintaining good compatibility with most polymers.

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Use of our peptisers shows reduced viscosity and nerve, translating in improved processability of polymers and the mixed compounds. Our dispersed peptisers ensure a much faster incorporation than traditional peptisers, having far superior distribution. This allows clients to overcome troublesome localised hot spots and improves batch-to-batch uniformity.

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We provide a range of high-quality pigments, including carbon black, titanium dioxide and colour pigments.

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Our plasticisers improve the flexibility and elastic behaviour of vulcanisates. They support improved hot-air resistance and increased electrical conductivity. They also facilitate the incorporation and dispersion of high filler loads.

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Reinforcing Fillers

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Our team provides a wide range of high quality and consistency fillers, such as silica and carbon black, to improve the physical properties of rubber products.

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Release Agents

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Our release agents provide excellent release properties, allowing for quick and easy de-moulding. They are semi-permanent and remain effective for multiple moulding cycles, increasing wall slippage and mould flow. Also, they help to reduce mould fouling and help clients to waste less time on mould cleaning. Reduced mould defects translate into direct savings.

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Our high-quality tackifiers help to improve longterm building of tack in compounds and cements.

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Vulcanising Agents

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Our vulcanising agent range consists of sulphur preparations and vulcanisation activators. They guarantee easy and efficient dispersion, as well as a strong activation effect on the cross-linking reactions of diene rubbers. Vulcanisation speed is enhanced and in most cases, the dynamic properties of the products are strongly improved. Furthermore, our additives can either supplement or completely replace the use of stearic acid, without running the risk of increased bloom.

Our Rubber Industry Specialisations

Our industry experts across the region have experience with many specialised rubber segments. The main focus of our team and products are tyre, MRG and latex industries.

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Tyre Industries

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Mechanical Rubber Goods

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Latex Industries

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Retread Tyre

Our team supports retreading industries with several special products. Our super-tackifiers are designed to improve the processing of old and new tread. Special high-performance carbon blacks are available. We also provide homogenisers for better consistency and flow promoters for faster processing times.

worker rolling car tyre

Tyre & Tube

We support bias and radial tyre applications with a wide range of specialised solutions to improve tyre properties and save processing costs.

Our peptisers help tyre manufacturers reduce Mooney viscosity, resulting in faster processing times. Besides, our homogenisers ensure better consistency. Special high-performance carbon blacks are available. Our range of flow promoters support processing times and internal lubricating agents help properly disperse rubber chemicals. We also provide conventional and highly-dispersible silica grades, as well as special rubber silanes and mould release agents.

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Solid Tyre

All of our products are also available to support solid tyre manufacturers to achieve better processing times, increased consistency, as well as strong dispersion of rubber chemicals. Special high-performance carbon blacks are available. Also, we provide special activators for solid tyre producers which are designed to improve the curing system.

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Our team supports a wide range of mechanical rubber goods for automotive industries. Our products can be found in engine-, suspension-, body- and exhaust systems, as well as car mats, wipers blades, and window seals.

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Electronic & Electric

We have a wide range of innovative products available to serve manufacturers of rubber goods for electronics and electric industries. These include mould release agents, special conductive blacks, and many others. Special high-performance carbon blacks are also available.

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Infrastructure & Construction

Infrastructure, public transportation, and construction industries can benefit from a wide range of our products. Our solutions can be used in civil engineering projects, such as bridge bearing pads, rubber seals, elastomeric layers, rubber hoses, and vibration-prevention rubber.

golf clubs and rubber handles

Sports Accessories

Sports industries manufacturers, producing products, such as golf equipment, sports shoes, and innovative sports gear, rely heavily on quality manufactured rubber goods. Our experienced team is the ideal partner to find solutions and develop new products together.

golf clubs and rubber handles

Shoes / Footwear

Footwear can be of various types including boots, shoes, sandals, slippers, sneakers, etc. Rubber shoe soles are an important segment for rubber industries that we serve.

There are specific requirement for rubber soles i.e. comfort (non-slip, antistatic), physical properties (good abrasion), design (color, transparency) as well as regulatory compliance.  Our broad range of products can help compounds achieve desired properties and designs.

colourful condoms


Our team can provide special products for condom industries, including high-performance anti-oxidants, dewebbing agents, and anti-tacking agents. We also provide silica dispersion products, specifically designed for application in ultra-thin condoms.

person with blue surgical gloves


Our team supports glove manufacturers with a specialised range of products for continuous improvement of product quality. Our solutions include high-performance anti-oxidants, dewebbing agents, and anti-tacking agents specifically designed for latex industries to replace corn powder. We also provide silica dispersion products specifically designed for application in ultra-thin gloves.

natural rubber latex stacked up in storage

NR Latex

We provide specialised products to natural rubber latex industries.

Our environmental-friendly product range includes Nitrosamine-free preservatives, stabilisers, and special peptisers for constant viscosity (CV) natural rubber.

Solving Challenges for Rubber Industries

Creating modern rubber and latex products is an advanced process with numerous challenges and potential pitfalls. Our teams are here to evaluate and advise. Take a look at common industry challenges and see how we approach these issues and help customers overcome them.

rubber wiper blade removing rain on windshield
Eliminating Dusting Problems

During the production process, regular anti-tacking agents often don’t properly coat the rubber compound surface. The result is a harmful dusting problem. Our experienced team helps clients to achieve Clean Factory Concepts.

Fixing Damage to Moulds upon Release

Improper mould release can greatly impair production times, batch consistencies, and even lead to damage of the moulds themselves. Our high-quality water-based mould release agents are not only environmental-friendly, they also help reduce pre-baking times. While normally moulds have to be pre-baked with mould releasing agents, our product can be spray-applied, allowing for immediate use.

Fixing Dispersion Inconsistencies

Dispersion inconsistencies can have several negative effects on production.  In the worst case, the batch inconsistencies can lead to reputation and brand issues. Our team’s high-quality homogenisers can help improve batch-to-batch consistency of compounds. Also, our internal lubricating agents improve dispersion of rubber chemicals.

Achieving Better Rolling Resistance

Improving rolling resistance in tyre applications can be a challenge to manufacturers. Our team can advise and support manufacturers with special additives to achieve better rolling resistance.

Reducing Processing Times

Processing time is a key factor in cost reduction, allowing clients to become more competitive. Our team can help significantly improve processing times with our specialised product solutions.

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